Eeva Hannula, Herta Kiiski, Mari Krappala,Tiina Palmu and Tony Remy

torna alle Mostre Piombino 2012

 “ EREIGNIS, things that are coming into themselves by belonging together”

Eeva Hannula, Herta Kiiski, Mari Krappala,Tiina Palmu (Turku/Helsinki) and Tony Remy (London) 

Audiovisual Installation

Note Collective works with audiovisual art projects with community and participatory art methods.

IN PIOMBINO NOTE presents: EREIGNIS, things that are coming into themselves by belonging together


“…we must return to what we call a concern. The word Ereignis (concern) has been lifted from organically developing language. Er-eignen (to concern) means, originally, to distinguish or discern which one’s eyes see, and in seeing calling to oneself, ap-propriate. The word con-cern we shall now harness as a theme word in the service of thought.” (Martin Heidegger, Identity and Difference, 1969)


NOTE found this concept after working together and separately with different kind of communities. What we present, is a little story about the isolation and the exercises of being part of different kind of fragile communities.


The work is aimed at individual people, organizations and patients in institutional care. NOTE works with different marginal groups, communities and people dealing with difficult situations and emotions. The methodic idea is to face the target group such as it is – and to try and come into the space or the matter that unite it. NOTE aims at working without words, by being present and by guiding the group with physical and audiovisual exercises, letting the stories remain bodily experiences.


EEVA HANNULA, BA in Fine Art Photography at Turku Arts Academy and BA in Aesthetic, University of Helsinki.


HERTTA KIISKI is a photographer living and working in Turku, Finland. She has taken part in various group exhibitions in Finland and abroad from the year 2009 forwards.


TIINA PALMU is a photographer working also with video. At the moment she is finishing her visual diploma in Fine Art Photography atTurkuArtsAcademy.


MARI KRAPPALA is a writer, a researcher and curator in contemporary art. She is a docent of cultural and feminist studies inAaltoUniversity,School ofArts, Design and Architecture.  At the moment she is doing curatorial work with the independent art groups in the interartistic fields developing methods of work in between community and institutional art. Her resent research topics deal with otherness, death, sorrow and imaginary ways to live with them.